The Xbox One is getting “Remote Play” thanks to Windows 10

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Today at Microsoft’s Windows 10 reveal, not only was it revealed that Microsoft will now have universal coding, (allowing one item to be coded and easy compiled for all Windows 10 devices), they will also have their own version of Remote Play.

If you are running a PC and have an Xbox One on the latest updates (likely Xbox One preview users will be the first to try) you’ll be able to stream a game on your Xbox One to your PC. Just plug your Xbox One controller w/charging cable and you are good to go.

Of course there are some limitations. You won’t be able to play cross network. This means if you are on a trip and your Xbox One is at home, you won’t be able to play a game sitting in your Xbox. Both devices have to be on the network. Generally, data travelling over your own network (via wireless or via Ethernet cable) is going to be much faster than over your internet service provider’s data lines.

Sony had the same limitations when they first started their “Remote Play” capabilities. I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes by launch or the ability to play cross network connections (as long as both connections are fast and strong) is available.


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