Microsoft buys Minecraft developer Mojang for a cool two billion


After a week of speculation Microsoft officially announced today they have purchased Minecraft developer Mojang for two billion. According to Mojang, Notch; the original creator of Minecraft, does not want the responsibility of running a company and the responsibility of running a company was just too much.

In comes Microsoft to the rescue. Now you might think that means the end of Minecraft on anything other than Microsoft products. Not so according to Phil Spencer who heads the Xbox division at Microsoft. According to him Microsoft and Mojang will continue to develop and support the game on every major platform including Android and iOS. Check out the video for more on what Phil Spencer has to say:

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Source: Mojang, Major Nelson

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  1. It’s crazy to think that a game created by one guy turned into a 2.5 billion dollar business. Notch is living the dream!


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