Halo MCC multiplayer patch is out! Our verdict? It’s still broken!


Yep 343 Industries just announced a couple hours ago that the Halo Masterchief Collection is out. This update along with other things is supposed to fix the multiplayer issues that have plagued the game since launch. The update comes in at approximately 1.5GB. However, as I have found the multiplayer experience is still littered with errors.

In the video below you will see it took about 8 minutes to get into a match. This is quite depressing for Halo fans. It’s not like this is 343’s first Rodeo. They did an amazing job of taking over reach (which literally needed to be moved from Bungie’s server’s to 343’s own servers. Heck Halo 4 launched with almost no hiccups. However, we are almost two weeks into this game’s launch and one of the most exciting features of the game is still broken. I’m of the firm belief the game was rush and didn’t get the proper testing to fix these items before launch.

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